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About Fierce

Boats Built by Adventurers

Your boat needs to ignite and fuel your spirit of adventure. With over half a century of combined experience on the water, professionally and personally, we created a new generation of boats for our wild wet coasts.


Our Story

Our planet is truly blue - more than 70% of the surface is covered by water. Some of us appreciate the peace that comes from sitting on a beach or wading in a stream. Others crave the powerful adrenaline rush of water sports or storm watching. A few of us build lives and careers that depend on water and the vessels that allow us to explore.

Boat addicts never really stop thinking and talking about boats and where they can take us--design, performance, technology, systems, maintenance--the topics are endless. A casual conversation during a marine survey, became a research and design project that led to our boatbuilding reality...


The ideas and conversations continue.

Meet Fierce

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Jim Normey

Jim was hooked on boats long before he lived near the ocean. His 30 years in the marine industry has included both new build and refit projects from small craft to superyachts, power and sail, in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. Jim is a professional Marine Service Technician, Joiner, Trades Instructor, Marine Surveyor, and Transport Canada Tonnage Surveyor.

Jim has logged thousands of sea miles on his custom 43' sailing catamaran.

Our Fierce Supporters

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