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HDPE or High Density Polyethylene is an incredibly durable thermoplastic. It is one of the most common Type-2 plastics recycled from food-grade containers into construction materials.

Despite the overall low percentage of recycled plastics worldwide, HDPE is readily, frequently, and successfully recycled.


Parallel Lines
HPDE has other boat benefits. It is...
  • Strong (HDPE has an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio).

  • Abrasion resistant (good to know for beach landings).

  • High-impact resistant (not that you plan on impact but flotsam 'happens').

  • Rated with a low coefficient of friction (who cares... except slippery = fast. Think Teflon!).

  • A smooth, uniform surface that resists growth (wiping off algae that forms below the waterline every few months will eliminate the expense and environmental concerns with antifouling paint).

  • Chemical resistant (for accidental spills of all sorts).

  • Impermeable to water (no osmotic blistering).

  • Corrosion resistant (no dissimilar metal issues in salt water).

  • Recyclable - HDPE is one of the most readily recyclable global plastics. It handles multiple use/recycling processes. Damaged or derelict vessels typically have limited useful scrap value prior to landfill options. We are researching the best ways to use 100% post-consumer recycled HDPE to manufacture Fierce Boats. We are imagining all our food and soap containers contributing to your boat hull.


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